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"In noncanonical writings, Metatron is perhaps the greatest of all the heavenly hierarchs, the 1st (as also the last) of the 10 archangels of the Briatic world. He has been called king of angels, prince of the divine face or presence, chancellor of Heaven, angel of the covenant, chief of the ministering angels, and the lesser YHWH (the tetragrammaton). He is charged with the sustenance of mankind. In Talmud and Targum, Metatron is the like between the human and the divine. I his earthly incarnation he was the patriarch Enoch - although Tanhuna Genesis claims he was originally Michael. " A Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson.

Metatron is said to reside in the 7th Heaven, which is the dwelling place of God. When metatron appears, his appearance is that of "a pillar of fire, his face more dazzling than the sun." Metatron is the angel who led the children of Israel through the wilderness after Moses took them out of Egypt. Metatron is said to be the tallest angel in Heaven, with the exception of Anafiel. It is said in the Zohar that Metatrons height is "equal to the breadth of the whole world." While Metatron was still Enoch and arrived in Heaven, it is said that he was transformed into a spirit of fire and given 36 pairs of wings along with innumerable eyes. It is said that Metatron sits upon the throne that sits next to the divine throne. Metatron is the supreme angel of death. After being given the list of souls to be taken that day, Metatron mites out that list to Gabriel and Sammael. Metatron is the angel that governs the Tree of Life, and the teachings of the Kabbalah. Metatron is the "Angel of the Presence, World-Prince, archangel associated with Kether. According to some, the Briatic manifestation of Chokmah and the active principle of the Shekinah." Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia by David Godwin

"The angel Metatron (or Matatron) was accorded a special position in esoteric doctrine from the tannaitic period on. The angelology of apocalyptic literature mentions a group of angels who behold the face of their king and are called 'Princes of the Countenance' (Ethiopic Book of Enoch, ch. 40, et al.). Once Metatron's personality takes a more definitive form in the literature, he is referred to simply as "The Prince of the Countenance.'"

"... the Talmud states, it was proved to Elisha that metatron could not be a second deity by the fact that Metatron received 60 'strokes with fiery rods' to demonstrate that Metatron was not a god, but an angel, and could be punished."

"One can, thus, detect different aspects of Metatron's functions. In one place he is described as serving before the heavenly throne and ministering to its needs, while in another he appears as the servitor (na'ar, 'youth') in his own special tabernacle or in the heavenly Temple. (The title na'ar in the sense of servant is based on biblical usage.) In the amoraic period the duty of the 'prince of the world' formerly held by Michael was transferred to him (Yevamot 16b). This conception of Metatron's role as the prince of the world since its creation contradicts the concept of Metatron as Enoch who was taken up to heaven only after the creation of the world." The above three quotes are from the book, "Kabbalah" written by Gershom Scholem, copyright 1974 by Keter Publishing House Jerusalem Ltd.

In Hebrew there are two spellings associated with Metatron's name, one that uses six letters and another that uses seven letters. Some believe that this occurs due to the fact that there are two probable origins of Metatron: the first being his creation at the time of Creation as an angel, and the second being that he was once the man Enoch that was transformed into an angel at the time of his ascension. Due to the two different spellings there are then two different meanings of the name of Metatron. The first for the six lettered name would be loosely "keeper of the watch" and the second for the seven lettered name loosely meaning, "one who serves behind the throne." This information came from the personal Kabbalah notes by Debbie.

When one begins studying the Kabbalah, one must first come to the understanding that this will be a lifelong ambition... (It also becomes addictive) In my personal opinion, the learning of the angels that help you along the Tree of Life is one of the high points of the lessons of the Kabbalah. There are different angels associated with different points on the Tree of Life, learning the energies of these angels and the help that they are there to give is an added comfort in today's times. Then knowing that Metatron is there for the entire Tree and is responsible for assisting any human with Kabbalah as a whole is the icing on the cake. Metatron's energy is a loving, firm, guiding energy that you feel all through your life. He is the angel that is there to help all who seek the throne of God. When you feel that you have become separated from God and the love of God, you moved not God. You have to be the one to take the steps to get back into that loving place at God's side, Metatron is THE guide, along with the Christ to help you with those steps. Some may feel that the Christ has other better things to do with His time than to help a mere mortal human retrace steps that have led away from divine order. If that is the case, then Metatron is certainly the right guide to ask for.